10 strategies to generate more backlinks

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There are several traditional link building strategies that most businesses engage in. One of the most popular, guest posting, is used by almost every organization.


However, there are several additional link building strategies, tactics, and resources to help your content strategy grow and thrive. Here are 10 concrete steps to generate additional backlinks for your site.

1. Reviews of bloggers.

Decide on something you can give in exchange for an opinion. It can be software, an information product, a physical product or a service. Anything of value that bloggers in your niche would want to try writing about is fair game. Find bloggers in your niche who are looking for things like “best content marketing blogs 2016” or “best social media strategies for business”.

Contact them with this email script:

Hello [name],

I was looking for some [topic] today when I came across your site.

I really liked what I saw!

I just launched a guide that teaches people how [relate to their topic above]. I usually charge $X, but would be more than happy to send it to you for free. All I would ask is that you consider mentioning it on your blog or writing a review.

Let me know how it sounds.


[Your name and contact information]

2. Give testimonials.

List all the products and services you have used in the last six to twelve months. Check if their websites have a testimonials page. Here are 11 examples of excellent testimonial pages from the hubspot blog to show you what you’re looking for.

Contact them with your testimonial. Mention that they have permission to include it on their testimonials page.

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3. Link recovery.

Find sites that mention you and your brand online (you can use a tool like BuzzSumo to help with this). Check if they are related to you.

If not, contact them with a friendly email asking them to add your link.

4. Directories.

Check out this article which includes 49 Free Web Directories to Build Backlinks.

Submit your site with a 100% unique description. Wait for your site to be approved and get your link.


HARO stands for Help a Reporter Out. They describe themselves as “the most popular sourcing service in the English-speaking world, connecting journalists with relevant expert sources to meet demanding journalist deadlines and enable brands to tell their stories”.

You can register as a source (free) here. Check your inbox for HARO emails that list journalists needing sources, like this:

Category: Business and Finance

To question:

When you subscribe to a newsletter or download an app for the first time, the first point of contact, whether it’s a welcome email or a welcome notification, makes a first impression. important.

If you work in email or mobile marketing, do you have any tips for your fellow marketers on how to create the perfect first email notification or app?

Share your top tips on what makes a really solid first email or app notification to new email subscribers or app downloaders, and share examples of companies, other than the one you work for, that, do you think are doing a good job with this!


Should work in marketing.

Respond with a short answer and get your links.

6. Website Comment Sites.

Create accounts on the following comment websites:

Submit your website to receive feedback. Your link will be automatically created.

7. Find expired domains.

Look for pages with lots of links (like resource pages). Use Estate Hunter Plus to find expired domains linked from this page. Purchase the expired domain for the cost of registration.

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8. Blog Aggregators.

Search for blog aggregators using these search strings: “submit a blog”, “blog directory”, “blog directories”

Submit your blog with a unique description. Once your blog is approved, you will be included in the directory with a link to your blog.

9. Find guest posting opportunities on Twitter.

Head to Twitter advanced search. Enter these search strings in Twitter search: “your niche” + guest post, “your niche” + guest author, “your niche” + write for us, “your niche” + guest post

Get your guest post featured on the quality sites that pop up.

10. Infographics.

Identify a trending topic in your industry (Tip: use google trends). Gather your data.

Work with a graphic designer to create an infographic. Note: You can hire a pro on several sites such as Upwork Where momentum if you don’t have an in-house designer. Promote your infographic. To verify This article for tips on getting backlinks with Guestographics.

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By using these strategies, you will generate more backlinks to your site, which will begin to increase your site traffic. Be sure to track each of these initiatives using Google Analytics or another analytics program, so you can determine which are most effective and capitalize on these new opportunities to grow your business.

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