3 Ways to Generate Backlinks to Your Website with Pinterest

Did you know that the half-life of a Pinterest pin is about 1,600 times longer than a Facebook post?

This means that the time you spend creating a post inside pinterest will have a longer lifespan than a message you create inside of Facebook.

The reason I wanted to share this stat with you is that Pinterest is one of the most engaging social networks with over 150 million active users and one that I regularly use to generate backlinks.

Backlinks are still a huge piece of the SEO puzzle and help drive organic traffic and increase search engine rankings. It used to be that there were so many ways to generate backlinks, but search engines now prioritize topic relevance and user experience over a “free for all” approach with potential spam.

Social media is a great way to generate backlinks to your website, but I want to share with you my 3 methods that will help you generate backlinks to your website with Pinterest, along with a step-by-step process to help you. to get backlinks.

1. Upload images from your website

One of the best ways to generate backlinks to your website with Pinterest is to upload images from your website as pins. Here’s how:

Step 1:

Choose the “record from website” option and enter your website URL. Pinterest will then analyze your website and offer you a selection of images to pin.

2nd step:

Select the image you wish to download from the choice of visuals.

Step 3:

Add a description including the keywords that were used to define the image and the web page it is on. If you’re going to share a visual attached to a blog, be sure to include the keywords you used and give a direct link to the page in the description as well as the link behind the visual – see below for know where to modify this.

Doing the above will give you two great backlinks that will help you with your search engine rankings.

2. Optimize your profile

Generating backlinks isn’t just about uploading content to Pinterest. You also want to look for ways to generate backlinks by being trustworthy and a great way to do that is to have a complete Pinterest profile. For credibility and trust, be sure to think about the following:

  • Simple username that reflects your brand
  • About the completed section
  • Location added
  • Added profile picture
  • A website link

3. Pinterest Boards

Having a great selection of Pinterest boards covering a range of topics, including your industry, and where you’re most knowledgeable is a great way to generate backlinks.

Your Pinterest board, for maximum backlink capacity, should have a large collection of visuals covering different topics and sizes (landscape and portrait) and content popular with your audience. If a lot of your pins are linking to your website and you have a strong audience that continually repins your content, that will drive backlinks to your website.

When using Pinterest boards, consider having a mix of secret and collaborative boards. You want to build your credibility online and collaborating with other industry experts is a great way to do that.

How to generate backlinks to your website?

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