6 Best Link Building Tools to Get More Backlinks

Off-page SEO, in the form of link building, is one of the most important aspects of growing your website and your business. The reality is that if other websites aren’t linking to your content, you’ll struggle to rank your web pages in search engines.

A study by Ahrefs found that 91% of websites receive no organic traffic from Google. And the #1 reason for that was that 55.24% of pages had no backlinks.

What I mean is that backlinks are an essential ranking factor on Google, which makes developing a solid backlinks strategy crucial. But for that, you need to have access to powerful link building tools to help you out.

So, in this article, I will review my top 5 link building tools to help you build backlinks organically and grow your website.

1. BuzzStream

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BuzzStream is one of the most popular link building software out there. It helps you discover backlink opportunities quickly and efficiently.

BuzzStream allows you:

  • Go through prospect lists, add their contacts, and create better backlink profiles without the need for hard-to-read spreadsheets.

  • Build relationships and send awareness messages. The software allows you to send personalized messages, which improves your placement rate and generates better results.

  • Add new bloggers, websites and their social profiles to your database when you search the web, and help with automatic prospecting.

Cost: BuzzStream starts at $24 per month for two users and up to 1,000 links.

2. Ahrefs


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Ahrefs is a comprehensive set of SEO tools that helps optimize your website for better search engine rankings.

Not only does it give you insight into your site’s on-page SEO performance, but the site audit feature also crawls your web pages to provide you with an SEO health score. Even better, the tool alerts you to any potential issues and offers recommendations for improvement.

But more importantly, you can use its backlink analysis to see which websites link to your competitors’ sites, so you can contact them and ask for backlinks as well.

On top of that, Ahrefs also offers competitor analysis, a tracking feature to monitor your rankings, and other advanced SEO metrics.

Cost: Ahrefs starts at $99 per month for a single user, but you can start a 7-day trial for $7.

3. Semrush


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Semrush is an SEO audit tool to help website owners improve their search engine rankings and build quality backlinks.

This tool comes with lots of powerful SEO features including keyword research, rank tracking, competitor SEO analysis, on-page SEO, and more.

One of its most competitive features is the link builder tool which contains everything you need to generate backlinks to your site. This is especially beneficial for new websites that need to start creating a backlink strategy from scratch.

Additionally, the Backlink Audit feature helps discover and eliminate potentially harmful inbound links that threaten your site’s security and performance.

With Semrush you can also monitor your competitors and, for example, see their lost links so that you can contact them and replace them with links to your website.

Cost: Semrush starts at $99.95 per month.

4. MonsterInsights


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Typically, the top organic result on the 1st page of Google for a popular keyword has nearly 35,000 backlinks. I bet it made you realize the value of backlinks to be able to compete for the top spots on Google.

Achieving something is one thing, but for any link building strategy to be successful, it needs an analytics tool that provides all the necessary information.

This is where MonsterInsights comes into play.

MonsterInsights is the best and easiest analytics tool for WordPress that can help you build a competitive link strategy. For starters, the plugin offers universal and outbound link tracking, affiliate link tracking, eCommerce tracking, and more.

But the best part is that you can view your referral sources to see where the incoming traffic is coming from. This way, you can reach those websites and establish a linking relationship.

On top of that, websites with blogs tend to get 97% more backlinks, so adding blog content consistently will help you build backlinks and improve your Google rankings. And the MonsterInsights Top Landing Page report helps you see which content is driving the most traffic. By knowing this information, you can create similar content to maximize traffic and get more links.

Cost: MonsterInsights has a free version and premium versions starting at $99.50 for a single site.

5. Google Search Console


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Google Search Console is a must for website owners who want to build a strong backlink profile. Not only is the Search Console tool free, but it is one of the most powerful SEO tools for webmasters and marketing professionals.

Who can offer a better link building tool than Google itself, right? !

With Google Search Console, you can view:

  • Internal links
  • external links
  • Main binding sites
  • Top link text

For example, you can use the “Top Linked Pages – Externally” feature to see which websites link to your content and contact them to see if you can conduct additional link exchanges. Or you can use the report to locate similar websites and ask them if they would like to link to your site as well.

And There you go.


Building a solid backlink profile takes time and effort. But with one of these top 5 link building tools and a little patience, you’ll soon increase the number of links to your website and notice your rankings improving on Google.

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