8 High-Impact Tactics to Earn Backlinks in 2020

SEO continues to change as search engines seek to provide a better experience for internet users. Compared to a typical Google search of ten years ago, the number of low-quality pages has dropped significantly. Content has come to the fore, giving searchers an accurate and targeted page based on their query.

Backlinks, however, are still crucial for ranking content on the first page of Google. These links should be high quality and authoritative, but you’ll struggle to rank a site without external pages deeming your content link-worthy. So what are the backlink tactics you should follow in 2020?

Build complete foundation posts

Google wants to rank content that is the best bid for the chosen keyword. In some cases, researchers just want quick information. However, when the search requires more detailed information, a detailed message will be required. Most niches will have a few general topics that can be expanded into long pillars that establish the foundation of your site. As long as these posts are better than the competition, you will gradually gain new backlinks.

Be creative with your content

You may find that pages competing for a keyword have similar bids. It can be article or video ranking, with little separation between sites. Being creative with your content can help you stand out, giving websites something unique to recommend to their readers. A quiz, poll, infographic, or list of stats could all be added to the main content, providing something other pages don’t.

Start guest blog

Guest blogging can be an effective strategy when used thoughtfully. A common problem with guest blogging is that the host sites are low quality and the content doesn’t match up well. However, when you focus on authoritative and relevant websites, you can benefit from powerful backlinks. An ideal guest blog will have topical relevance, with a limit on the number of bloggers accepted. By using this approach, you can ensure quality and satisfy search engines.

Monitor the main competitors in your niche

A key reason why your competitors will rank in the top search positions is because of their backlink profile. In many cases, however, these backlinks can be acquired for your site, making it easy to top their content. You can track links to these sites, evaluating how they were reached. You may need to email or direct message the site owner, while there could also be potential for guest blogging or content exchange. A tool like Ahrefs or SEMrush can help you analyze the backlinks for each page.

Find broken links

Broken links exist on countless sites, with content being removed or domains not being renewed. These links direct users to error pages or dead sites, which makes the user experience poor. This problem, however, offers potential for link building. You can contact site owners to notify them of a broken link, suggesting your content as a replacement. This helpful act will usually offer a high conversion rate when your article is relevant. Ahrefs, or many other alternatives, can help uncover broken link opportunities.

Monitor unlinked mentions

Growing brands will start being mentioned on blogs and news sites. Unfortunately, many of these mentions will not be linked. To benefit from a backlink, you can contact these site owners to thank them for mentioning you and to inquire about adding a hyperlink. The strategy is simple, but it can yield positive results. A tool like Mention can be used to speed up the search process.

Network with influencers

backlinksEvery industry features influencers with an audience. It is common to network with influencers to gain traffic and branding. Additionally, however, you can earn valuable backlinks from high-powered blogs. You can discuss an influencer in a blog post or video, send them an honest testimonial, and contribute to their blog comments or social media conversations. It will usually take some time to solidify the relationship, but you can eventually earn some links.

Create a quality resources page

Resource pages can be valuable additions to an industry. There is often a request for a glossary or description of concepts. Many newbies will consistently ask common questions, so people will get frustrated by repeating themselves. A quality resources page solves many of these problems, allowing bloggers, social media accounts, and forum users to link directly to your page. This resource page can then become very powerful, with internal linking helping to convey authority throughout your site.

Backlinks are a critical factor for SEO success. The concept is often compared to a vote cast in favor of your content by another site. Over the years, however, more emphasis has been placed on the authority and relevance of a link. You can no longer focus on getting backlinks from just anywhere, so you need to use a more tactical approach. Using these backlink tactics will allow you to promote yourself effectively, but the focus is still on quality.

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