Building connections through creative and smart outreach [Podcast]

Are you a link builder or digital PR professional, or just getting started? This episode of the Search Engine Journal Show is for you.

Get insights into smart linking, highly targeted link spreading, and link metrics from none other than Bibi the Link Builder.

Bibi Raven talks to Search Engine Journal Founder Loren Baker about linking forms, writers vs. automation, and also training teams and individuals to build links to “the ‘ladder”.

You can also meet Hilda the hen.

“With bonding, you should leave your ego at the door.” – Bibi Raven

“Taking the time to ask for something is so underrated in the world of outreach and connection building.” –Loren Baker

[0:00] – How Bibi started her link building business
[3:49] – Why Few People Really Understand Link Building
[4:58] – Bibi’s philosophy
[5:48] – Does it work to focus on metrics?
[6:05] – Type of link building that Bibi does and what makes it different
[8:05] – What she does before contacting prospects
[8:38] – PR vs link building
[10:20] – Tactics to cut the noise with bloggers and journalists
[11:58] – Who Bibi hires
[12:33] – Target multiple publishers or build relationships with just a few?
[13:33] – Is everything to scale?
[13:49] – Who are you targeting with outreach emails
[17:16] – The approach that Bibi likes to do now
[17:49] – One of the most successful campaigns Loren has done
[19:14] – What Bibi recommends when forming teams
[20:20] – What you should and should not say in your advocacy work
[21:21] – Percentage of placements she usually gets a response from
[22:20] – What Loren learned while campaigning on listicles
[24:16] – The power to ask
[26:23] – Why people don’t like link building
[28:39] – What she likes about Ahrefs
[30:24] – An idea Bibi has about cats and dogs
[32:12] – Case study: What would Bibi do to start?
[35:15] – The importance of creating image links
[35:52] – Loren’s experience with beauty schools from a bonding perspective
[37:14] – The most overlooked and underrated search engine
[39:03] – Advice on what you should focus on for SEO this year
[39:25] – One of the most damaging forms of duplicate content
[40:22] – Can Google identify if a backlink is paying or not?
[41:44] – Red flag patterns
[42:44] – Which sites to avoid
[43:44] – Does it sometimes involve clients?
[46:46] – About being honest in your prospecting
[48:14] – How picking up natural links is the best kind
[49:36] – Is it more difficult to create links for B2B?
[49:51] – Is there a boring niche?
[50:48] – How do you approach a very niche client?
[53:20] – How to grow your business if you don’t have many customers
[55:06] – What is the difference between link building and digital PR
[56:03] – Pitching to executives on LinkedIn vs emails
[56:50] – The best bond Bibi has ever built
[58:03] – Automation of quality link building and the tool it uses
[1:00:00] – Parameters to consider when prequalifying prospects
[1:03:07] – Prospecting angles in link building
[1:04:30] – How much you will learn
[1:07:23] – Bibi’s other hobbies

“The human aspect is still very strong. We think about prospects and what interests them. –Bibi Raven

“Just try something different. Don’t be afraid, do it regularly and you will find a way that works for you. So many people are so scared to send something, so you should just give it a try. –Bibi Raven

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