Deepcrawl partners with Wix for technical SEO tools

Deepcrawl, a technical SEO and website health SaaS platform, and Wix (Nasdaq: WIX), a leading global SaaS platform for building, managing and growing an online presence, announced today a partnership allowing users to leverage Deepcrawl technology’s enterprise-grade SEO on the Wix platform.

Available in Wix Apps Market, Deepcrawl’s custom app for Wix is ​​designed for web professionals who create and manage websites for others as well as businesses who manage their online presence on Wix. Deepcrawl’s industry-leading tools for SEO analytics and automation are used worldwide by top brands such as Adobe, Microsoft, Paypal, eBay, Twitch and Canva.

The integration will allow global Wix users to seamlessly monitor the health of their websites, identify search engine optimization opportunities, and automatically check for website coding errors that could lead to reduced website performance and poor search results. The app uses Deepcrawl’s sophisticated SEO crawling technology, crafted into a feature set designed specifically for Wix users.

The app’s intuitive user experience is designed to help SMBs whose staff may not be SEO-savvy understand the often complex metrics that drive technical SEO success. This new offering aims to help Wix users better identify opportunities for digital growth and protect their websites against code errors that reduce revenue.

Deepcrawl’s custom app for Wix automates weekly website crawls and detects issues and errors such as broken pages, dead-end links, and content that doesn’t meet best practice guidelines for SEO, and provides users with actionable information on how to fix these issues.

“Deepcrawl is proud to partner with Wix, a global influencer platform, to provide SMB website managers with insights that are often only available to large global enterprises,” said Shachar Radin Shomrat, director of marketing at Deepcrawl. “Our partnership is part of Deepcrawl’s commitment to helping businesses of all sizes discover the full revenue potential of their websites.

“In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, we have seen online sales increase significantly for businesses around the world. Organic search performance and website health have never been more important for increasing awareness and revenue. We are truly in the age of search, with more consumers than ever before turning to search engines to research products. Businesses need to be prepared, and we look forward to supporting them in this shift in consumer behavior with a product designed specifically for SMBs with Wix-powered websites.

“By partnering with Deepcrawl, Wix is ​​taking another notable step in democratizing SEO and bringing features and capabilities to all types of users that were previously only available to large enterprises,” noted Nati ElimelechTech SEO Lead at Wix. “We look forward to continuing to develop our SEO capabilities to meet the needs of today’s web professionals and businesses.”

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