Don’t worry about malicious backlinks, we ignore them

Google’s John Mueller says site owners shouldn’t worry about negative SEO attacks that involve malicious backlinks.

A blogger reached out to Mueller on Twitter saying he was worried his website was being “bombarded with backlinks.”

The site’s backlink profile went from 2,000 referring domains to over 12,000 within a month.

Unless one of their articles goes viral and garners thousands of natural links, this is a pretty obvious attempt at negative SEO.

It is likely that someone is creating a large number of low quality links in an effort to damage the site’s reputation or even trigger a Google penalty.

The site owner says he has disavowed the domains but he can’t track all the new links.

So what can they do?

In short, the best course of action is to do nothing, Mueller says.

“I would ignore them.”

Google has systems in place to ignore these types of links.

In other words, someone is wasting their time building all those links.

So, if this happens to you, don’t waste your time trying to fight all malicious links.

Recently, Google released a 30-page white paper that details the types of systems Mueller is referring to.

Google has become quite adept at defending its search index against spammy practices, such as attempts to manipulate search rankings positively or negatively.

You can read my quick recap of the 30-page document here.

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