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Much is debated in the world of SEO, but almost everyone can agree that links are and will continue to be vitally important to the health and ranking of a website.

Fortunately, link building and brand awareness goals can be incorporated into your content marketing strategy, which can be significantly enhanced by combining your efforts with digital PR.

I’m going to explain how creating high-quality content and pitching it properly to top publishers can earn you the valuable backlinks you’ve always dreamed of (and if you use this strategy consistently, the increase in organic traffic you always wanted, too).

Choose the right content idea

I have to start by saying that the most important thing about being cited in news sources is that you have to be newsworthy. It goes without saying, but what we as marketers might consider newsworthy about our brands is not necessarily newsworthy to a writer or to the general public.

Content ideation tip #1: The best way to ensure your timeliness is to collect and analyze data. Even if the dataset already exists, if it has not been analyzed and presented in a way that is simple, applicable and easy to understand, your illustration of the data could be considered new and valuable.

I will come back to that in a moment. But first, let’s dive into the sample content I’ll be using throughout this article.

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