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If you’re a long-time Spark user, you’ll know that one of the app’s only downsides was its lack of rich text editing tools like hyperlinks. If you needed to link to a site in an email, your best bet was to grab a computer to do the job. Well, shut down those laptops and shut down those PCs — Spark fixed that, implementing hyperlink support right in the app.

Unfortunately, although Spark is finally available on iOS and Android devices, this feature is currently only supported on iPhone. If you are a android Happy first-time Spark user, hang in there – Spark says hyperlink will be an Android feature as soon as possible. After all, Spark only recently added the feature to iOS, which was the operating system it primarily focused on before.

Add a hyperlink to a website

Hyperlinking with Spark is super simple. First, highlight the anchor text you want to hyperlink. Next, tap the Text Style (“T |”) icon in the menu bar above the keyboard, then scroll through the formatting options and select the link tool (the standard string link icon that everyone uses). Now just type your URL in the space provided and press “Done”. Presto – your text is now hypertext and will launch your URL when typed.

If you don’t highlight the text, you can still use the hyperlink tool, but it will just place a hyperlink URL in your email (eg, “” will appear instead of Gadget hacks). Either way, you can type an address without the HTTPS protocol and it will still work, and in most cases it will automatically append the “https://” part to the URL.

As for combining other rich text formatting options with a hyperlink, you certainly can. Bold, italics, numbered list, bulleted list, indentation, and background color all work in conjunction with hyperlinks. Also, the text color also works but needs to be changed after adding a hyperlink, otherwise the color will fall back to the standard blue link color. The only thing that doesn’t play well is underlining, which is mandatory for hyperlinks.

Add a hyperlink to an email address

One thing to note is that the chain link icon doesn’t yet work for email addresses, so you can’t add a “mailto:” hyperlink for your or someone else’s email address. ‘other. If you try to add a “mailto:[email protected]” address or just a [email protected] address alone, it will add the “https://” in front, essentially breaking it.

The only way to add a hyperlink to an email address that will open a new draft in the email app the recipient is using is to use HTML in the signature (so you can’t do it in the rest of the email body). Fortunately, Spark makes it easy to create a signature.

Open the “Settings” app, then tap “Signatures”. Press “Create a new signature” (or “Add signature” if you already have one), then manually the following HTML code in the “Text” tab. (You can also tap “Edit” and then an existing signature to replace it with the HTML code below).

Link Text

Replace “[email protected]” with your email address and “Link Text” with whatever text you want to appear in the hyperlink. You can tap on the “HTML” tab to see the hyperlink. If everything is correct, you should see everything you type for “Name” highlighted and underlined in blue, with no other code around it. When you’re done, tap “Save.”

Tip: If you want to add multiple lines for a signature and only hyperlink part of it, it’s easier to just create a new signature and then write it directly in the “HTML” tab. “What do you want to look like. Then open the “Text” tab and the rest should already be formatted in HTML, and you just need to add the extra bit above where you want it.

Now, when you open a new email draft, your hypertext signature will appear at the bottom of the page. If you have more than one email signature, you may need to scroll through your options before landing on the one with the hyperlink.

Another tip: you can also access the signature settings by tapping on the signature, then on the ellipsis (•••), then either 1: “Edit” and select the one to edit, or 2: tap on “Add a signature” instead to start from scratch. .

Deleting a hyperlink

Removing a hyperlink is as easy as adding one. Highlight your hyperlinked text, then press the “T |” option again if the formatting toolbar is not already open. You can either tap the now-highlighted chain link icon, or the “Tx” button (which removes all formatting), and poof – your hyperlink will disappear. You are free to leave the text as is or you can repeat the process to add a new hyperlink.

To remove hyperlinks from emails in signatures, you can do the exact same thing directly from the signature box in the email. You can also go all the way by modifying the HTML code, which is simply to follow the HTML instructions above in reverse.

Although we still have to wait to see this feature on Android, we can guess how it will work. The Android version of Spark does not have this “T |” toolbar, but it includes some rich text options in the submenu that appears when highlighting text. It’s possible that “Hyperlink” and “Remove Hyperlink” appear as options in this menu, but since this is an Android-based submenu and not specific to Spark, it’s likely to incorporate the text style formatting bar like on iOS.

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