How to Add, Remove or Disable Hyperlinks in Microsoft Word

It is possible for anyone to add hyperlinks in Microsoft Word to spice up their document, but not everyone may know how to add them. Not only that, you might receive a Word document with hypertext text but don’t know how to delete it.

Worry not because this article will tell you how to do both in the best possible way. So, once you’re done reading, you should be a master at creating and deleting hyperlinks at will.

What is a hyperlink?

A hyperlink in Microsoft Word is basically a reference to a web page or website. It can also be a reference to a network path. If you browse the web a lot, you should see several web pages with hyperlinks that, if clicked, will direct you to another page or website.

In fact, this article will also contain some hyperlinks, and they are very obvious, so you cannot miss them.

How to Add Hyperlinks in Microsoft Word

When it comes to adding hyperlinks in Microsoft Word, it is not a difficult task to accomplish. To do this, copy the URL, then highlight the word(s), and from there press CTRL+K > CTRL+V > Enterand that’s all.

You can also highlight the required content and then right-click on it. From there, click Link, then paste the URL into the box and make sure to click the OK button once you’re done.

The last way to do this is to highlight the words again, but this time you’ll need to click on the Insert ribbon tab. From there, select Link via the menu, paste the URL in the box and complete the task by clicking the OK button or press the Enter key on the keyboard.

How to remove hyperlinks one after another in Word

OK, so when it comes to removing hyperlinks from a document, we can do it in a number of ways. But first, let’s discuss how to do it one at a time.

First, right-click on the hyperlink text, then from the options that appear, click Remove Hyperlink.

You can also click the hyperlink text and then press CTRL+SHIFT+F9and watch the hyperlink disappear before your eyes.

Remove all hyperlinks in Word at once

You may not know it, but it is possible to remove all hyperlinks from the same document. Instead of moving around to delete hyperlinks one after another, we suggest highlighting the whole document by pressing CTRL+Athen remove the hyperlinks using CTRL+SHIFT+F9.

Paste hyperlinked text without hyperlink in Word

This requires pasting options to be enabled. If you haven’t activated it yet, please do so first.

Now when this is done, copy the text and then paste it into your Microsoft Office document. You should see paste options appear over the text. Click the icon on the far right called Keep Text Only, and that’s it.

Disable Auto Hyperlink in Word

Add, remove or disable hyperlinks in Microsoft Office

If you copy a URL and paste it into Microsoft Word, it will, in most cases, automatically create a hyperlink. You might not want that to happen, so if it does, keep reading to learn how to turn things around.

The first thing you’ll want to do here is click To filethen go to Options > Verification. From there, click AutoCorrect Options > Auto Format. Opposite the section that says Internet and network paths with hyperlinks, you should see a check mark. Remove it, then press Okay to save changes.

I hope this helps you.

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