How to Build High Quality Backlinks for Your Website

With businesses and consumers around the world moving online, SEO will be more important than it is today, according to 75% digital marketers.

While content quality remains Google’s top priority for ranking sites in search results, 26.6% of marketers said backlinks were just as important.

High quality backlinks pointing to a website can build its authority and credibility. They tell Google that the site publishes valuable content that many other publishers trust and find valuable.

But how can you build high quality backlinks for your website?

When you think of link building, the first thing that probably comes to mind is guest posting. While this is a great digital marketing technique, there are plenty of other ways to build high quality backlinks for your website which I will share in this article.

Before that, let me tell you how you can actually judge the quality of a backlink.

What factors should you consider to assess the quality of backlinks?

The quality of your backlinks depends on several factors, including:

Authority and popularity of the backlink source

You should consider the domain authority (DA) of the source. The higher the DA of the target site, the higher the value of the link. You can use tools like Moz to check the DA of any site.

Besides DA, you should also look at website traffic using Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, or other web traffic analysis tools. The higher the website traffic, the more likely you are to attract visitors to your site.

Similarly, if you are trying to build links from a forum site, you should also analyze its authority. Check the forum to see if it’s filled with spam. If so, links from these forums are a big no-no. They can actually harm your SEO value and brand reputation.

Relevance to your niche

You also need to consider whether or not the backlink source is relevant to your industry and business. If the link sources are not relevant, they will not add any significant value to the SEO performance.

Placement of links and anchor text

Another important factor that influences the quality of a backlink is how naturally it was placed.

Whether you are guest posting or writing answers to forum questions, you need to write content that provides value to the target audience. You should place the link to a relevant article or resource that adds more value to your answer or guest post.

You should also choose your anchor text carefully because Google uses it as a ranking signal. You should not use the exact keyword as anchor text. However, using synonyms and relevant key phrases as anchor text is good practice.

When you add relevant backlinks to your site, readers will be more likely to visit them for more information on the topic.

Now that you know what makes a high quality backlink, it’s time to step up your link building practices.

How can you acquire high quality backlinks for your site?

Let’s take a look at some of the most effective link building strategies you can use in 2021 to build high quality backlinks for your website.

1. Write competitive and resourceful content

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The key to generating high quality backlinks is great content. You can only expect people to link to your site if you post content relevant to your niche, provides great value and helps solve real problems.

Creating quality content can help you get people to link to your resource themselves. This can help minimize the time you spend on link building.

But how can you create content that people will love to read and share?

You should:

  • Do keyword research in your niche to identify topics your audience wants to learn more about. You should choose keywords with high search volumes and low competition.
  • To conduct keyword research, you can leverage platforms such as Semrush, BuzzSumo, and Ubersuggest. It is also possible to do this through the Keyword Research API. This can help you easily get new keywords, related keywords, and even keyword ideas.
  • Browse the top-ranked posts on a particular topic to analyze what others have included in their post. You should look at the average length of these posts, the number of images they include and the key phrases they include as well as how often they appear.
  • Write articles with more information, insights, and how-to tips than the top-ranked articles on the subject. You should also add relevant stats and examples to make your content stand out.
  • Be sure to optimize title tags and meta descriptions for the targeted keyword.

Basically, you should aim to analyze the competition and then do everything better.

For example:

If you want to create an “employee training program” resource, you need to analyze the top search results for that keyword. Then you should try to outdo your competitors and write a more insightful, engaging, and valuable article for readers.

You can also use tools like Surfer to analyze keyphrases, word count, and titles that can help you outrank your competitors. This way, you’ll be able to create content that readers will love to share on social media and other publishers will love to refer back to.

2. Create an infographic and repost it

Email Marketing Infographic

Certain types of content work better when it comes to building links, such as images, charts, graphs, and infographics.

Yes, you read that right.

People love visual content such as infographics because it makes it easier to consume large volumes of data. Readers can quickly skim through information and find out what’s important to them.

Publishers also like to share infographics to grab the attention of their readers. When a publisher reposts your infographic, they must link to your website. This way, infographics can help you gain lots of high quality backlinks with little effort.

However, you need to create engaging infographics that:

  • Are well documented and beautifully designed
  • Include useful statistics
  • Give practical advice to readers
  • Are relevant to your target audience
  • Cover the topics your audience is looking for

You can hire a designer or use the do-it-yourself design tools to make an infographic. Tools like Canva and Crello offer plenty of templates, icons, and charts to help you create engaging infographics.

Once you’ve published a nifty infographic on your website, you can also reach out to high-authority publishers in your niche. Invite them to review it and share it if they find it useful. This can help increase your chances of building quality links from authoritative websites.

Infographics also receive more social shares, which can help amplify your reach. You can expect to get a natural increase in your number of backlinks if your infographic goes viral.

3. Collaborate with bloggers, influencers and industry experts

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Another great way to build high quality backlinks for your website is to collaborate with other blog spaces in your niche.

You can reach out to top publishers and influencers in your niche as well as industry experts for mutually beneficial link partnerships. You can link to some of their resources in your articles and ask them to do the same for you.

This way, both of you will be able to build quality links for your websites without creating more content for guest posting.

The best way to reach your potential link partners is to send e-mails. You need to run personalized email campaigns using professionals email marketing templates to engage other publishers and marketers with your link exchange program.

4. Comment on relevant blog posts

Blog 1234

The secret to successful link building is to focus on build strong relationships first.

You can start building relationships with other publishers by commenting on their blog posts. However, be sure to only comment on posts that are relevant to your niche and area of ​​expertise.

You should not leave vague comments such as “nice article” or “good job”. Instead, you should make your comments more genuine and relevant.

You can share another actionable tip that the author forgot to mention in the post or recommend a tool that can help readers. Otherwise, you can also just praise the article and show your support for the strategy or advice that you really found useful.

Genuine reviews can help you build strong relationships with other publishers and publishers, which can help you build quality backlinks in the future.

Some websites also allow you to link to your site from the author name displayed on your comments. You can use it to get instant backlinks.

Are you ready to improve your link profile?

Want to improve your link profile to rank higher in the SERPs and generate more traffic and leads?

Use the link building strategies mentioned in this article to start acquiring high quality backlinks for your website. Write quality content, share infographics, build strong relationships with industry experts, and comment on other blog posts and forum questions relevant to your niche. Additionally, use these free link building tools to up your link building game.

Are you ready to start link building? Or do you have any other questions about building high-quality links? Leave them in the comments below.

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