How to Control Hyperlink Underlining in Microsoft Word 2022

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Check how to control underlining of hyperlinks in Microsoft Word

Everyone knows what the blue underlined text means, a hyperlink! Learn how to change the appearance of the hyperlink in Word when you don’t want that familiar look. When you insert a link to a word, phrase, or paragraph of text in a Microsoft Word document, the hyperlink is highlighted with an underline at the bottom by default. However, if you don’t want to, you can easily remove this underlining from hypertext text to keep the overall look of the entire document consistent. proceed as follows. Hyperlinks play an important role in how we navigate our digital world. Whether it’s something in an email, text message, on a website, or even a document, the ability to click on a link and open a webpage or online media can make it easier to Web surfing. .

In Microsoft Word, hyperlinks include an underline by default, but the needs of your document may require you to remove the underline. Formatting a Word document can come in different options. So if you need to duplicate your document or customize your page numbering, you’ll likely find that there are a host of different menus to design. The number is. But one of the tricky parts of formatting a document is the hyperlinks your readers can click to visit web pages. Our guide below will show you how to adjust the formatting of a hyperlink you create by removing the underline.

How to Control Hyperlink Underlining in Microsoft Word

Remove underline from hyperlink in Word

To remove hyperlinks in Word:

  • Open a Word document
  • Click the down arrow in the Styles section
  • Scroll down and click on the drop-down menu next to Hyperlink
  • In the hyperlink options, select Edit
  • Click the Underline button and click OK

Final Words: How to Control Hyperlink Underlining in Microsoft Word

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