How to get 10,000% more backlinks on Google, without doing anything

It’s not a typo. You can actually get 10,000% Continued backlinks in Google, simply by do nothing.

That’s the jittery reality of Google Caffeine, the new indexing system that Google rolled out in June. billed as “the largest collection of web content we have offered,”, Caffeine indexes the web deeper and more frequently, delivering better real-time results for up-to-the-minute content like blogs and tweets. Google provides this working diagram:

So instead of a neatly stacked search index that’s refreshed in layers, the new one kind of involves all sorts of crazy flying objects.

Never mind the technical details. The most obvious change for SEO professionals is the ‘Links to Your Site’ section in Google Webmaster Tools, which has exploded. (The change was recently verified by google here.) Taking a sample from our customers to our SEO Media Shower Content Firmas well as self-reported data from other sites, we found an average 10,000% increase in the backlinks reported by Google.

Your mileage may vary, of course. Some sites (especially smaller sites) have seen a “modest” increase in backlinks of 400%, while others have seen their link count explode over the months. 50,000%! Here is a partial list of the sites we surveyed.

How to get 10,000% more backlinks on Google, without doing anything

We’ve always known that Google only shows a fraction of indexed backlinks in webmaster tools. Although it’s not clear from the interface, the company has always referred to the number of links as a “to taste.” Now Google seems to be revealing a completed number of backlinks, or as comprehensive as they are able to index. This appears to be the most accurate count of backlinks on the web, which is great news for those of us who track month-to-month progress in link building.

So who are all these new sites linking to yours? The bad news is that by going deeper specific backlinks (no global figures), Google displays a even smaller sample than before. Worse, the sample may be low quality than ever, because you will probably find hundreds of spammy sites that have simply removed your URL from the Google SERPs.

How to get 10,000% more backlinks on Google, without doing anything
The S-word: Google will only show you a fraction of the sites that link to yours.

While Bing has followed suit, only showing a maximum of 1,000 backlinks to your site, it shows a more useful sample of 1,000 quality links to your site. With Google, you have no idea what you’re getting from their sample; it could be from the new end of the link pool, or from the part someone just pissed in.

In short, Google’s caffeine-fueled backlink reports are both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, we now have more precise information (and, we hope, stable) number of backlinks that can be used to track monthly progress in link building efforts. On the other hand, downloading a specific list of backlinks gives us even less useful information than before.

Here’s how Google can make Webmaster Tools the “Bing-Killer”: simply provide more transparency in their “sample” of reported links. Is it a random sample? Is it more heavily weighted in favor of high or low quality sites? Is it based on an algorithm extrapolated from Sergey’s DNA?

The best SEOs want to know the highest quality sites that are linking, so they can find more sites like them. This is also what Google wants. It’s good for sites, good for webmasters, and good for the web.

We’ve always known that caffeine is a web developer’s best friend. We hope Google Caffeine will eventually become a similar friend to those of us working to make the web a better place.

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