How to Include Unique Hyperlinks (URLs) in Emails with Gmail Mail Merge

This tutorial explains how you can include personalized and unique hyperlinks (or website URLs) in Gmail Mail Merge.

First, open the Gmail draft that you want to use as a template for the mail merge. Here, insert the name of the Google Spreadsheet column that will contain the hyperlink data and enclose the column in double brackets as shown in the screenshot.

The variable {{website link}} will be replaced by an active hyperlink

In this example, we use the variable {{Website Link}} but you are free to use any name as long as the column content matches the hyperlink syntax.

Now switch to the mailing sheet and insert a column. Set the header for this column to Website Link, the same as our variable name but without the square brackets.

Next, you need to provide the hyperlinks using HTML markup. For example, if you want to include a hyperlink to Google News and the link title should say Google Sheet, your cell value should be:

<a href="">Google Newsa>

This is what the sheet data would look like:


When you run the mail merge, the {{Website Link}} variable will be automatically replaced with the corresponding hyperlinks which will also be clickable.

Additionally, besides website hyperlinks, you can also include mailto links (see line #4) which will invoke the click-on-click of the email. The email link subject line can be customized with the mailto syntax.

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