How to Use Machine Learning to Accelerate Organic Growth


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What are the most important link metrics to consider for organic search visibility?

Google knows it, its machine learning capabilities know it, but you?

With Google now able to understand the broader context of your content through machine learning and natural language understanding, we find that relevance actually has the biggest impact on your search rankings.

It’s time to use machine learning’s advancements in relevance to help you personalize your link building strategy.

Join this webinar as we dive deep into what relevance is and show how you can leverage it to outrank your competition in the SERPs.

Key points to remember:

  • The value of high-quality, brand-driven coverage and links.
  • How to use product-focused PR to prove your relevance.
  • Ways to beat your competition with free, easy-to-use tools.

In this session, Beth Nunnington, VP of Public Relations and Digital Content at Journey Further, will demonstrate how relevant branded content is the key to increasing visibility and traffic for winning SEO performance, with learning automatic in mind.

Link volume and link authority aren’t the only factors that affect search engine rankings — and it’s no longer enough to gain popularity by simply building as many links as possible.

Sign up now and start prioritizing relevance in your digital PR and link building campaigns.

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