Instagram rolls out link stickers, allowing every user to share hyperlinks –

Instagram, Facebook’s social network network most famous for its ease of use when it comes to image sharing has announced that its link stickers, which allow users to include hyperlinks in stories in stickers, will now be available to everyone.

This comes after Instagram started testing the feature in June, but so far it’s been limited to only verified accounts or accounts with large audiences.

According to the platform, link stickers will be useful for all types of users, whether it’s a business linking their product to writers sharing their content.

How to use link stickers on Instagram?

Instagram does mention, however, that users can benefit from sharing links for better engagement, adding that users sharing misinformation or hate speech will lose access to the feature.

As for usage, to add a link, users need to access the sticker tool present in the top navigation bar that appears after uploading content in the story. Next, the user should tap on the “Link” sticker and enter the URL of their content or product.

In June, Instagram said it intended to keep this feature just for Stories, with no plans to integrate it into the main IG feed or other parts of the app, which remains the case today. today.

This link sticker feature replaces the old swipe up method that was previously used to share links from external pages. The latter was discontinued in August, but now with the link sticker it is much easier than ever to share and use links on the platform that is home to many users.

What else has the platform announced recently?


Apart from that, earlier this month, after two years of long preparation, Facebook announced on October 1 that its two mobile apps, Instagram and Messenger, now support cross-app chat functions.

Facebook said users can manually enable this feature. In fact, 70% of Instagram users can already enable chat function with Messenger users. Currently, Instagram’s global monthly active users are over 1 billion.

Messenger is an instant messaging application developed by Facebook itself. At present, global monthly active users exceed 1.3 billion. These two apps, along with Facebook itself, are one of the most popular social apps in the world.

This inter-app chat feature also supports inter-app communication between group members. Users can use custom themes, chat backgrounds and custom emoticons. Moreover, this update also provides group voting and also adds astrology style emoticons.

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