Link building programs get no links 1/3 of the time; Tuesday’s Daily Brief

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Hello, marketers and social media platforms are finally giving us what we want!

That is, according to the rumors on the web for developers who find secret code. It looks like we’ll soon be able to post directly from the browser to Instagram and there’s also the option of an Undo Send button for Twitter!

These are things that users and marketers alike have been asking for, and it makes me wonder what the point of critical mass is for their developers. Do enough feature requests have to come in for them to finally be considered in the project file? Or is it more like, “We eliminated the other stuff, so let’s work on that now, I guess.”

Either way, it will be useful for audiences, social media marketers, and SAAS social media marketing tools to have these features.

Caroline Lyden,
Research Content Director

This is one of the key takeaways from Aira’s State of Link Building report. As people work on their links to improve their rankings, here are some of the other key takeaways:

  • The most popular link building tactic is content-based link building
  • The success of a content-based link building campaign was up to 40 links and a third of people had a completely flopped campaign and got no links
  • Only 10% of agencies and freelancers said they saw link building demand decrease in the last 12 months.

Why we care. Link building is going nowhere. Links are always a major signal for Google, but it’s also interesting that we may not all have it 100% of the time. Driving links with content is the most natural way to build those new links and keep them coming, but it’s not a home run every time. Take comfort in knowing that some campaigns get NO links. We are all discovering it as we go along.

Jennifer Hoffman joins Ryte as Industry Advisor

Ryte announced yesterday that Jennifer Hoffman joined the company as an industry advisor. SEO industry veteran Jennifer Hoffman will use her expertise to help support Ryte’s UK growth plans.

Jennifer Hoffman has a solid background in SEO. A former Marketing Director at DeepCrawl, she was a key member of the management team that helped steer the organization through multiple funding rounds and grow the company into one of the UK’s leading SEO companies. and beyond.

We hope the rumors are true: Instagram test support for browser publishing

Instagram has always been a mobile app. Eventually, you can watch images on browsers, but you’ve never been able to post from your laptop. It also caused problems for social media posting software. And, until fairly recently, only a few social apps figured out how to post without having a manual Instagram posting mechanism. Boring for social media managers, to say the least.

“Developer and leaker Alessandro Paluzzi has discovered Instagram code that strongly suggests the Facebook-owned platform is already working on the ability to upload photos and videos from a desktop web browser,” Tim Hardwick wrote. for MacRumors. “Based on Paluzzi images shared on TwitterBrowser-based Instagram users may soon be offered the ability to natively drag and drop photos and videos from their computer for upload, as well as crop content, apply filters, and compose an accompanying text to publish on the social network.

Why we care. Well, first of all, it will just be easier to use Instagram when we can manage it from desktop or laptop. Then the implication for when this finally comes out is that it could be a lot easier for social media marketing tools to organize, publish and manage content there. Hoping the dev rumors are true!


Google whisperer’s guide to feeds in Google Analytics 4. “Since rolling out Google Analytics 4 last October, I’ve been getting daily escalations saying there’s no tracking because the feed isn’t set up correctly. So I’ve created a guide to help with setup .” tweeted SMX speaker Colleen Harris.

How marketers can get the most ROI from podcasts. Research has shown that brands that advertise their products and services or commercial podcasts experience an increase in purchase intent, and major platforms see significant increases. Besides using podcasts as an advertising channel, how can marketers use podcasts to get the best ROI? One option is to recognize that the content can be leveraged beyond the podcast itself.

ULTIMATELY: “Twitter is working on the ‘Unsend’ timer for tweets,” tweeted Jane Manchun Wong. We can’t wait. Our future typos do not resist a chacne… A chacne… A CHANCE.

GPT-3’s free alternative, GPT-Neo, is something to get excited about

GPT-3 has been a topic of conversation in SEO and PPC for a minute. There are nearly endless possibilities for search marketers if we can get it to the point where it can produce consistent, realistic copy. There’s also the hiccup of a lack of access for anyone who wants it.

Well, someone worked on that. “Stella Biderman, Leo Gao, Sid Black and others formed EleutherAI with the idea of ​​creating AI technology that would be open source to the world. One of the first problems the team chose to solve was to create a GPT-like language model that would be accessible to everyone,” Abhishek Iyer wrote for VentureBeat.

The key was to find the computing power, because the code was already available to them. Once they could do that, they were good to go! So how does it work? “EleutherAI reports that GPT-Neo outperformed the closest comparable GPT-3 model (GPT-3 Ada) on all NLP reasoning benchmarks…GPT-Neo was able to generate a cohesive and nearly believable paper without missing central themes” , Iyer said.

While none are perfect yet, the bottom line is that “GPT-Neo is a great open-source alternative to GPT-3, especially given OpenAI’s closed-access policy,” Iyer wrote. An interesting option for marketers who want to test it!

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