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Search engine optimization is an evolving industry; therefore, its practices change over time, and those trying to build backlinks for their businesses should keep an eye out for the latest trends to update their marketing plans.

If you run a business, focusing your SEO efforts on guiding your customers’ journey through the marketing funnel is paramount. The marketing funnel has five phases:

– The awareness phase

– The reflection phase

– The reconversion phase

– The loyalty phase

– The advocacy phase

Your SEO framework should follow the above phases as they could guide your brand success and keep your business relevant even as the SEO landscape changes.

– Creating branded content attracts audiences and makes people receptive to future interactions.

– Providing the audience with social proof helps them compare the brand with its competitors.

– Developing a simple purchase process increases the conversion rate.

– Creating a loyalty program through social media interactions, email newsletters and discounts keeps customers loyal.

– Loyalty program responsive buyers support marketing efforts.

The following section compiles the trends that could impact SEO in 2023.

Search intent

When people search for something, they want to buy a product or service. This is the idea behind search intent, and you should focus on it when crafting a marketing campaign. Google and search engines have become more sophisticated lately, so they can easily determine what your prospects are looking for when they type a particular keyword or phrase into the search box. The algorithm uses knowledge to identify the best content to meet the user’s search intent.

Google uses the following search intent categories.

  • Purchase research intentis when users search for something with the intent to buy. For these searches, Google provides them with e-commerce suggestions.
  • Informational research intentis when users search for a topic. Google displays informative content and educational websites are often close to the top results.
  • The search intent iswhen users want to learn how to do something. Google displays articles that answer users’ questions.

It is therefore not enough to integrate a list of keywords into the content of your website; you need to know the search intent behind each one to develop content that matches it. Google each keyword to see what pops up and create similar content that provides your customers with valuable content.

EAT is more important than ever

Google calls EAT a metric that focuses on a website’s expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. It rates the overall quality of a website and provides users with reliable and authoritative resources. Anyone can produce and publish content for the web, but not all content is created equal, so Google sorts it out to make sure it gives users the best results for their searches.

Even though the EAT metric doesn’t play a direct role in a page’s ranking, Google uses the signals to determine what topics it covers. Websites can increase their EAT by creating quality content, sharing it, and leveraging it through digital advertisements to gain backlinks from high-authority sources. A link building agency can help you create content that makes building backlinks easier, so don’t hesitate to collaborate with one.

Mobile usability continues to be paramount for rankings

B2C marketing plans have been focusing on mobile for quite some time now, and the trend doesn’t seem to be fading. In fact, the B2B world is also embracing it. A few years ago, website developers used AMP (accelerated mobile pages) for mobile optimization. Google created AMP, as an open-source coding project that helps websites load faster on mobile devices. Unfortunately, the project removed some essential parts of websites by storing a cached version of the page on Google’s servers. Hence, inevitably, it fell out of favor and was replaced by the Core Web Vitals which provides flawless mobile experience without stripping the essentials. Now, websites can use multiple frameworks to provide their audience with mobile-friendly pages.

Visual search is a rising trend

Just as companies have managed to figure out how to integrate voice search, visual search has appeared on the horizon, forcing them to adopt it. Visual search has quickly gained popularity as people find it more comfortable to use this method to search for the products and services they need. Visual search allows them to search for something using images instead of keywords. They use their mobile devices to take photos and then upload them to the search engine to find out more about them. This type of search can benefit websites that incorporate it because it leads users directly to the product, even if they are unfamiliar with the brand or product name. The specialists of https://seeders.agency recommend optimizing websites for visual search by adding images to pages and creative keyword-rich descriptions. It’s essential to use high-quality images paired with relevant alt text so that visually impaired people can easily understand what the image is about.

Local SEO is more powerful than ever

People’s behavior has changed when it comes to using search engines, as more and more people are using them to find local businesses. And it looks like the trend will continue to grow in popularity In the following years. Therefore, businesses should invest in local SEO if they want to stay ahead of the game, as it allows them to rank higher in search results.

Here are some factors that impact local SEO:

– Online reviews from customers who have used your products and services

– Community involvement

– Website optimized for local keywords

– The company is referenced in online directories

Is your website ready for the future of SEO?

No one can say for sure what SEO will look like in 2023, but we can provide some recommendations on how to prepare your website for the future. Changes won’t happen overnight, so the above tips will make your website future-proof against any trends that may arise in 2023.

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