Nearly 2 out of 3 web pages have no backlinks at all, while 9 out of 10 web pages get no organic search visitors from Google / Digital Information World

A few months ago, Ahrefs published a report looking at the presence of backlinks on web pages. Perhaps the most interesting finding of said study is that out of nearly two million pages, more than 94% failed to get a single visitor from Google. However, this was not the only discovery. In fact, many more jaw-dropping revelations were made in the report in question.

To begin with, it was discovered that around 66.31% of the web pages were unable to garner even a single link, meaning they have no backlinks. Yes, that’s right, not even one! Similarly, about 26.29% of web pages have between one and three referring domains. Moreover, only 2.19% have links from more than 10 websites.

For this study, nearly a billion pages in Ahref’s Content Explorer were taken into consideration. What is even concerning is the fact that many pages with backlinks might be using weird linking programs to create shady links. If there was a way to separate these links from the genuine ones, the results could have been even more shocking.

For those of you who don’t know, a backlink refers to a link from one particular site to another. These links are essential for improving a website’s SEO ranking. How is it so? Well, most of the time, popular search engines like Google rate the relevance or authority of a website’s content based on the number of sites linking to it as well as other signals.

Source: Ahrefs.

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