Paying bloggers to write for Dofollow backlinks is against Google guidelines

Google’s John Mueller was asked the following question: “if I follow backlinks because I have paid bloggers to write highly relevant review articles or am paying for high quality news articles , are these paid links that go against Google’s guidelines?” John replied that the short answer is yes, it’s against Google’s guidelines.

This was requested from 48:28 mark in last Friday’s video.

Question: If I’m backlinking because I’ve paid bloggers to write highly relevant review articles or I’m paying for high-quality news articles, are these paid links that go to against Google’s guidelines?

Answer from John Mueller from Google: So I have the impression that this question is posed a little pointed. And I guess the quick and easy answer is, yes, if you’re paying people to create content with links, then you’re paying people for those links. And if you’re paying for links, it’s against our webmaster guidelines. So that’s kind of the easy answer.

Of course, if you’re somehow – if those links don’t pass PageRank, if they have the nofollow attached or rel=”sponsored” attached, then that’s fine. It’s basically a way to advertise your website. It does not pass any value to your website. But it still helps users find your content and indirectly helps promote your content and website. So maybe that helps a bit.

Here’s the embedded video so you can listen to the Q&A yourself:

Many people now ask how Google knows:

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