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I didn’t care what games we played. From Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen since 2004 to the new Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl, again enjoying the same recreation with the best once again.

The fan saw this company and ran with it. The effects of his new YouTube channel are extremely dramatic.

The total video (one more) said it was no easy task. According to the original article from last year, the time he redesigned the Pokemon Red and Blue Pokebros video sees the fashion designer redo in style locations like Pallet The city, Viridian Town, and Path 2 in three-D.

The artist mentioned the Link Awakening remake as a key inspiration for his finished product, and we will, no doubt, be able to show a little about the tourist in this crisp voxel artwork. When it comes to many attention-focused things, rebuilding also provides new mechanics to the sport. These come with an early-stage Pokemon Scarlet and Violets Lets Cross device, where Pikachu will go on a rampage with its attack on enemies and a Pokemon Legends: Arceus-esque Poke Ball toss.

Including these options to make the miniature toy really feel adventurous, Pokebros has given us plenty of imagination with no other (standard) remake than any other sequel. The video is unfortunately just a one-sided video and technically does not represent the viewer as a playable recreation. While it seems unlikely that Pokemon Corporate will ever embrace that retro HD taste for its video games, there’s nothing to worry about when our palms are crossed.

How does this remake taste? Send us the Pikachu you ship with our feedback!


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