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Founded in 2008, SEMRush is a digital marketing and SEO tools platform designed to streamline everything from competitive research to web traffic analysis. The website also contains a variety of additional resources, including informative e-books, webinars, and blog posts.

Given its efficiency and range of features, SEMRush is currently one of the best options among SEO services, providing a variety of tools to help optimize SEO strategies for more traffic and sales.

Packages and rates

SEMRush is available at three price points, and a customizable enterprise solution is also available for large enterprises. More expensive subscriptions unlock new features and increase limitations compared to lower tiers.

Pro is the most affordable SEMRush subscription at $99.95 per month. Guru costs $199.95 per month, while Business costs $399.95. Enterprise pricing depends on your organization’s needs. All annual subscriptions receive a 16% discount. A seven-day free trial is available for Pro and Guru, but not for Business or Enterprise.

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The Pro plan is for freelancers, startups, and other small businesses with small-scale marketing needs. It offers basic SEO, PPC, and SMM functionality along with competitive research.

Guru introduces additional tools including historical data, brand reports, and a content marketing platform. As mentioned above, it also raises some of the limitations to meet the needs of large organizations. For example, Guru subscribers can track up to 1,500 keywords compared to only 500 for Pro users.

Business offers another scale increase on top of powerful features such as integration with Google Data Studio, API access, and white label reporting. If Business doesn’t fit your needs, contact SEMRush directly for more information on Enterprise subscriptions.


SEMRush supports many SEO-related functions, allowing businesses of all sizes to take a more dynamic approach to keywords, backlinks, and more. For a monthly subscription, you’ll get the tools you need to run more effective campaigns and analyze past results. Below are some of the most important features.

Keyword research

SEO and PPC campaigns depend on high-quality data, and SEMRush offers all the information needed to optimize keyword strategies. Subscribers can see cost per click, volume, trends and more for all search terms based on organic and paid traffic.

A strong backlink profile is crucial for visibility. With SEMRush, you will be able to perform deep linking analyzes to identify backlinks and anchor texts, measure the authority of linking domains, compare your backlink profile to your competitors, and more.

Competition Research

Likewise, SEMRush offers robust functionality for competitor research, helping you stay ahead of other companies in your field. You can monitor everything from keywords and copy to ad budgets and GDN strategies, and the SEMRush Organic Competitor Report lists every other area in Google’s top 20.

digital marketing

In addition to its search engine optimization support, SEMRush works well as a digital marketing service for social media and content marketing.

The handy social media tool makes it easy to plan future posts, analyze your performance, and more. You can use the content hub to identify topics, manage documents and deadlines, or even order content directly. These features make SEMRush much more flexible than tools that focus on SEO rather than other areas of digital marketing.

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Interface and in use

The SEMRush website separates functions into five categories: domain analysis, keyword analysis, project, lead generation, and reporting. You can also access some of these tools through the mobile app, available on iOS and Android. Unfortunately, many features are limited to the website.


SEMRush provides free phone support to help you troubleshoot issues and get the most out of the service. Unfortunately, this is only accessible Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST. You can also contact the SEMRush support team via email.

Luckily, there’s also an extremely detailed knowledge base that includes videos, manuals, and other guides. This area of ​​the website covers everything from first steps to more sophisticated tactics for experienced users. You can view a detailed FAQ and manual for each tool and report in SEMRush.


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The competition

SEMRush largely aligns with other SEO services in terms of pricing and tools. For example, Moz Pro, one of its main competitors, has comparable subscriptions for $99, $179, $249, and $599 per month, with each upgrade adding higher limits and new features.

It should also be noted that some platforms have much more affordable plans than SEMRush or Moz Pro. If you don’t need everything included in the Pro subscription, or if $100 per month is more than you want to spend, you should consider a service with a lower barrier to entry.

final verdict

SEMRush is an extremely powerful tool for almost every aspect of SEO, and it can take your SEO strategies to the next level. It also comes with a robust set of marketing features that set it apart from similar platforms. All things considered, SEMRush is currently one of the best options for companies looking to invest in SEO.

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