The dark secrets of SEO and backlinks

Everyone tried, the back link is quite laborious work. Even with all the handy link guides out there on the internet, you’ve probably fallen back on these jobs.

In order to generate more traffic for your website, you need to improve its visibility on search engines. An effective way to improve rankings and create more volume of organic traffic is to get quality backlinks from highly credible websites in your niche.

But recovering links is not so easy. Often, getting good backlinks from reputable websites involves years of effort spent on networking, content marketing, and using an array of effective tools.

The following methods will help you get backlinks to your websites –

Remember: focus on quality and quantity!

1. Create awesome content

If you want backlinks in the hundreds and thousands, creating amazing content is your top priority.

2. Guest Posting on Other Websites

That is to say, another way to get backlinks?

Guest post on other websites to get a link pointing to your e-commerce store. With a little creativity, it’s pretty easy to find out which sites accept guest posts.

3. Request links to yellow pages

This one is for all types of websites that can be products and services, and it is very easy to implement.

4. Try the media pitch

The media pitch is a bit difficult to teach because it’s so open-ended. But here’s a rough guide to get you started: At the end of each year, look at next year’s calendar and start planning major holidays.

5. See where your competitors are getting their backlinks

It’s 2012 and nothing we do on the internet is private.

6. Find broken links and request a link to your store

This technique plays on the power of reciprocity. And you would be surprised at its effectiveness! To find broken links, simply download the Check My Links extension and activate it.

There are many types of backlinks, but only some of them will have a positive impact on your search engine rankings.

A few years ago, link building was simple. Over the past few years, Google’s search algorithm has become smarter and harder to manipulate.

If you want to rank your website in search engines by improving Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA) and Page Rank, you need to create a DoFollow backlink with very less NoFollow backlink.

  • Improve Page Rank
  • Improves the authority of the blog in the eyes of Google
  • Content ranks higher for multiple keywords

By now, I’m pretty sure you’ve gained full knowledge of what DoFollow backlinks are and all of its benefits! So, now let’s see how to get high PR Dofollow backlinks from high authority sites!

# List of Best SEO Websites

  1. Average
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Quora
  4. About me
  5. Blog from your doorstep
  6. Blogspot
  7. WordPress
  8. Picktu
  9. so many
  10. These are my URLs
  11. LinkTree
  12. Slideshare
  13. I am a facade
  15. Listing

The Nofollow backlink does not pass authority because the rel=”nofollow” tag in the website’s HTML code tells crawlers not to follow these backlinks. Google does not transfer authority or anchor text on nofollow links.

Here’s the part where I’m supposed to tell you to go for quality over quantity.

But you know what’s better – Quality and quantity.

# What is a “quality” backlink?

First, quality backlinks are always followed backlinks (as opposed to nofollow backlinks).

# What is a “quantity” backlink?

Quantity backlinks are ways you should always do quality dofollow backlinks instead of bulk backlinks without quality.

# This is what a tracking backlink looks like:”>Digital Marketing Company If there is a tracking link from to Digital Marketing Company, Forbes is essentially telling Google that it vouches for Digital Marketing Company. Then you have your nofollow back links, which look like:”>Digital Marketing Company If Forbes links to AsiaInfoTech using a nofollow link, they are acknowledging that AsiaInfoTech exists, but they are telling Google not to count the link in search rankings.

Generally speaking, links from social media sites (Facebook, Twitter) as well as blog comments and forums are usually nofollow links.

  • While great for organic sharing and word of mouth, they don’t directly improve your search engine visibility.
  • That being said, even a nofollow backlink from Forbes still has great potential to give you direct traffic and build credibility for your store. So if you get the chance, grab it!
  • Follow vs nofollow aside, here are a few other factors that will impact the quality of your backlinks.
  • Links from websites with high domain authority (DA) are more valuable than links from websites with low domain authority.

# Analysis tools

Backlink analysis tools are extremely useful in helping you create a solid backlink profile. They can help you analyze your competitors’ backlinks so you can devise strategies to outrank them. Use the backlink analysis tools mentioned above to increase your website’s credibility and traffic.

  1. MOZ rank
  2. Ahrefs
  3. SEMrush
  4. Monitor backlinks
  5. Kerbou

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