The secret life of backlinks

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Backlinks are the backbone of your website – the stronger they are, the better your website ranks.

However, even the slightest change in your backlink profile – such as the link disappearing or a malicious link being added without your permission – can significantly affect your SEO efforts.

Basically, if you’re not constantly aware of what’s going on with your backlinks – once the front door is closed, your pets (aka backlinks) can behave like unknown creatures.

Let’s take a look at what could happen to backlinks and what you can do to make them behave like good puppies.

What happens behind closed doors

A lot of things can happen to your backlinks without you even knowing it and destroy the perfect SEO life of your website.

A cute little bunny may not be so cute after all.

There are links from resources which may be reputable and respectable but get hacked at some point with lots of malicious links added to their profile.

This change may also affect your site. So don’t believe those innocent blue eyes – look at them.

This dog almost looks like a cat but not the cat though.

Sometimes the link looks correct, but produces no results. This can happen when an extra dot is accidentally added to the URL or the dash is spaced out.

Even a small change like that completely ruins the bond that breaks it. Check the resources you got the link from to make sure no new animals have been moved to the page address.

I have a rival, what?

Remember when Duke moved in with Max and got his life back? The same goes for your competition.

Keep a close eye on your competition – and their backlink profile because that’s what they’re doing too.

The least damage they can do is to copy your actions.

Worse, however, is negotiating with the publisher to replace the mention and a link to your site with theirs, or hijacking the influencer you’ve previously worked successfully with.

Was there a loving puppy owner in the first place?

You may have had the best relationship with your resource owner, who promised you all the gifts in the world but failed to fulfill them, leaving you empty-handed – unattached – on the streets.

So if you have an agreement, make sure the link is placed correctly and works as expected.

You do what?

The bigger the website and business, the more backlinks it collects, so the harder it is to monitor where the links came from, who got them, and how they behave and work.

And that leads to dark situations that could get worse if you don’t point the flashlight in the right direction.

A link is missing! We have to find it

So what can you do to regain control of the situation and avoid unpleasant surprises?

In order to tame your backlink pets, you need to know what is happening to them at all times.

Because it’s nearly impossible to monitor backlinks manually, you need to choose an instrument that will give you detailed information about what’s going on with your backlinks at any given time.

Let’s see how you can check and monitor your backlink profile using SE Ranking backlink monitoring. This tool can be found in the instruments drop-down list in the project tab.

You can import project links manually one by one, as a list in a text file, or directly from Google Search Console.

import backlinks

The downloaded links are then inspected in more detail in terms of the status of the link, whether it has been indexed or not, whether it is not followed, what is the anchor, etc.

backlink settings

This comprehensive view helps make informed decisions about what to do with a link, how it works, and what to prioritize.

For example, if you were check your backlinks and discovered that some of the links you have earned on trusted platforms are broken, you can contact the resource and fix the link or replace it with a better alternative.

Additionally, you can adjust your strategy by evaluating the anchors and checking if they reflect your priority categories and/or keywords.

You can also tag your links by adding notes to them: category, price, validity period, who placed it on the site, and much more.

backlink notes

Here is another important aspect:

If you work with a large volume of backlinks, you can disavow links in bulk. Simply mark the ones you want Google to ignore and SE Ranking will automatically generate a disavow file.


It is also important that you rate the link when it is placed as it will show you how quickly the link profile was created and how often the links were updated.

If you have an aggressive promotional strategy, this data will help you create a more accurate timeline while aligning your SEO efforts with the overall marketing strategy.

Whether you’re doing SEO or trying to figure out what’s wrong with your fluffy companion, the sooner you discover the problem, the sooner you can assess the situation, find a solution, and eliminate the cause.

So, again, monitor your backlinks for access to a quick diagnosis of the problem and an immediate response to the problem, using it as a solid foundation for your SEO strategy or for better backlink management.


Backlinks are a valuable asset to your business, so be sure to continuously monitor their well-being.

They tend to behave like unsupervised pets, so be sure to protect yourself from any kind of unpleasant surprises.

You can see for yourself how SE Ranking Backlink Monitoring works by subscribing to a free trial.

No commitments, no credit cards – just your website, your backlinks, and a glimpse of what you could have missed out on by not having your backlinks under your full control.

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